We are more than just your typical QR Code Generator Site. Sure you can create your own QR Code, but get a free quote for our services. You can get Custom Built QR Codes, QR Code Shapes, Tracking, Stickers, Interactive Scans, Marketing, Print, Landing Pages and More for your QR Code.

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Making the QR Code is Easy….

How the QR Code looks and what people see after the scan is where we come In.

Print Services

We can create and send you stickers of your QR code quick and easily.

QR Shapes

Get a themed QR Code or a QR Code as a shape to increase awareness.

Track Activity

See how often your QR Code is getting used and by which device.

Web Presense

Where people go and what they see after the scan is what we do.

Up-to-Date and Custom QR’s

Our QR Code Generator delivers complete QR Solutions by delivering a themed QR Code and bring an interactive experience after the QR Code is scanned.

Fully Customizable

QR Codes for Social Media, Directions, Business Cards and more.

Exquisite Design

Our Designs are themed and deliver a quick response.

Interactive Web

Interaction is key to provide a great experience for the end user.

Fast Support

We are a local USA based business and care about our customers.

Reach Your Customers in the Most Efficient Way Possible

QR Code Generators are great.

We can offer a QR Code to bridge the non-digital and digital gap at the opportune time from virtually any location..

We present QR Codes in a variety of ways.

  • Business Cards
  • Metals
  • Stickers
  • Signage
  • More..
QRCode Generator

QR Code Shapes are Here!!!

Along with our QR Code Generator…

We offer QR Shapes and even do themed QR Code graphics for our clients. Be sure to find out what we can do for you.

Fully Customizable

QR Shapes are new but we can create a lot already.

Stand Out

Set yourself apart with a shape or custom made QR Code.

Free Quote

Contact us and see what shapes we have currently available.


No QR shape for your needs yet. We can still theme one for you.

QR Shapes



3 Simple Steps.

Free Consult

We will find out your goals and offer you a varienty of solutions to help meet your requirements.

Free Quote

Once we have you solution figured out, we will give you a quote that will meet your budget and expectations.


We deliver a quick turnaround for your QR Code solution and continue to be available if needed.

Quality Print Solutions

Have an Event Flyer or Food Menu already printed but want to add a QR Code to it. Our easy to use stickers is the perfect solution.

Our labels are waterproof, oil-proof, anti-tear and scratch-resistant. You can apply them in your business and household without concern. The coating layer on the surface protects the content from fading or being ruined.

Enjoy our QR Code Generator and let us get your QR noticed and be interactive with people.

QR Code STickers


We are More than a QR Code Generator Site.

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